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About Our Company

SIC CONSULTING, INC. has been serving the Information Technology (IT) needs of organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1997. SIC has grown and thrived even during the economic downturns over the last decade. These include the “dot com bomb” of the late 90’s, the aftermath of 9/11, the real estate crash in 2010 and the latest global economic challenges.

Today SIC CONSULTING, INC. is a mature technology-based strategic consulting and management company.  We focus on cleaning up the mess in those organizations that continue to struggle with technology challenges that are not being solved properly. Often desired results in and around the area of IT are not achievable due in part to a lack of proper strategic guidance.  Undesirable results are also due to the fact that many organizations attempt to oversee and manage IT staff themselves, even though they are often not qualified to do so.  This exposes their own organization to unnecessary risk, uncontrolled costs and frustrations.

We are proud of our success in helping organizations effectively manage technology with our unique approach. This approach has been systematically developed over many years.  We believe our approach is successful largely due to our true partnerships with organizations, and the “meeting of the minds” that we share as together – through adhering to our defined, process-driven roles –  we make decisions that are in alignment with each organization’s business objectives.

Currently primarily serving the San Francisco Bay Area with offices in San Francisco Financial District and the Tri-Valley.