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Oliver Pecora | Chief Executive Officer

Oliver Pecora CEO

Oliver C. Pecora is the President and CEO of SIC Consulting, Inc. Oliver founded SIC Consulting in the United States in 1997. The   company is now in a mature state. SIC Consulting, Inc. has been transformed into an IT model committed to providing all functions of a complete IT Department to organizations that would normally not have access to the proper resources or the  organizational and logical structures to properly fill all roles required to experience predictable results in Information Technology.

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Christopher Kaus | Quality Control Officer

Christopher Kaus is the Quality Control Officer for SIC Consulting, Inc. and has been contracting with the company since 2007. Having a strong background in building Quality Management Systems for worldwide organizations for 20 years and in the early stages of his career having been heavily involved in technology decisions for his own company, Christopher [Learn More…]

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Lea Pecora | Accounting & HR

Lea Pecora is a member of SIC Consulting, Inc.’s Leadership Team, and has been with the organization since its inception in 1997. She has helped build the culture of SIC, being in complete alignment with the importance of collaboration within an organization. She is also currently working in the areas of Accounting and HR, as well as other aspects of Business Administration.

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