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Our Core Values

Since its inception, SIC CONSULTING, INC. has been governed by its core values. They guide our culture, define the character of our company, and shape our decision making process.



We are a TEAM that continually builds value for our partners, through our relentless focus on solutions that work, our drive for excellence in everything we do, challenging the individuals and the team to grow in the process.

We recognize the team is composed of individuals who have an interdependent relationship and can accomplish exponentially more when taking united action.


SIC is continually building relationships within our team and with our partners that are professional, that focus on long-term value, build trust, and earn mutual respect in every interaction.


Our communication with our team and with our partner is constructive, openthorough, and honest.


In order for us to deliver exponentially more, we believe it begins with the individuals living the values, and contributing said value to our organization. We can then deliver that value to our partners.


In recognition and to work against the inherent danger in becoming complacent and letting these core values become a nice plaque on the wall, we are open to mutual constructive feedback between our partners and our organization, as well as between each individual team member.