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The Community

Giving value to the business community has become one of our projects of passion. The idea was inspired through our many visits to for-profit businesses and-non-profit organizations we had the pleasure of meeting over the years. Especially during the most recent economical climate where organizations are trying so hard to control costs and often making poor business decisions through lack of expertise in the area of Information Technology. Knowing we were going to reach many organizations over the years and not be able to help every one of them personally, we wanted to find a mechanism that would allow us to share what we have learned over time. We are currently preparing to launch In the coming years this site is to become a portal of information to serve the greater business community that we would not be able to serve otherwise.

The idea and concept of also coincided really well with our core values and philosophies:  We believe an individual learns and masters a skill best during the act of teaching another person. This teaching process not only serves our partner as each of our staff members deepen their skills in a specific area, but has a natural side effect of building team members’ self-confidence by helping our staff better communicate internally, as well as with our partners and their staff through daily technology challenges.