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Support Services

Support Services is essentially the remote Help Desk and are the roles of the Client Service Coordinator (CSC) and the Support Desk Technician.

The Support Services Desk is ultimately the reactive response center to computer users that are experiencing difficulties in-and-around their technologies that they rely on to perform their role. Although at SIC we incorporate a lot of proactive processes which measurably greatly minimize the need for immediate reactive response, there will always be times where something stops working. This is a very important part of our service spectrum and a reality that we take very seriously. This is another reason we have chosen not to have only a technician at the end of this type of service request. Technicians tend to get very busy and in the years we have found that if they are asked to drop one thing for another on a continuous basis, it is not only inefficient, overwhelming and affects job satisfaction, but it also has an extremely  negative effect on the end-result in the form of missed responses, forgotten returned calls to computer users with updates on an issue, scheduling confusion, etc.

It is for that reason we have incorporated the role of the Client Service Coordinator (CSC) – the person that is responsible and accountable for the triage of service tickets that come in via phone, email and our service portal. The CSC is responsible for determining priority, escalation, the technical response time, and prompt resolution and closure of support tickets. The typical routine in this role involves constant monitoring of service requests and making sure a support ticket is in the system so that support requests are not forgotten. To perform this process, the CSC must reach out to the user requiring help to determine exactly what is going on if it is not clear within the initial description. The CSC must then coordinate a good time to remedy the problem and schedule the best suited resource. Additionally, the CSC must coordinate a solution to mission critical problems that often require immediate technical responses as well as juggling resources, potentially rescheduling less critical problems if a specific resource is required.

The Support Desk Technician is the person resolving technical problems computer users are experiencing. We often refer to this role as “fixing problems to things that are broken or not working correctly.” Issues can range from simple “how-to” questions where best effort is made to provide a helping hand to a user, or helping with an Outlook problem, to helping with more complex virus and spyware removals or program failures causing a blue screen, or a complete computer lock-up.

Further detail of the role can be obtained by contacting us directly.