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Network Administration

Network Administration is the role of the Network Administrator and the Systems Engineer.

The Network Administration Team is responsible for both reactive and proactive support of our partners’ computer network infrastructure.

Proactive Maintenance and Reactive Support – The Network Administrator:

The Network Administrator performs both proactive and reactive activities. These are clearly separated to help us keep clean and transparent process division between reacting to things that are broken and those processes that are aimed to address issues at its root cause through experiences learned in the reactive process.

Implementation and Setup of New Technologies – The Systems Engineer:

The Systems Engineer is the person that understands specific technologies to a deeper degree, carries certifications in-and-around those technologies and/or attends training to deepen their skills to most effectively perform their duties. It is the Systems Engineer that works together with the vCIO to determine how best to implement specific technologies at our client partner sites. These can range from the installation of complete new network infrastructures, office moves, or individual components such as adding new internet service lines, routers, wireless systems, file, web, sql, exchange, virtual servers and many others. The range of duties can also include implementation and setup of cloud-based services ranging from email hosting, spam, and specific applications to entire servers.

Further detail of the role can be obtained by contacting us directly.