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Our Client Partnerships

The partnerships we have with our clients are our focus and everything we do revolves around them. That is why we commit 100% of our resources to our partners. We do not seek out partnerships outside of an agreement between ourselves and our partners – meaning, we do not take on projects for organizations that do not resonate with our complete system and way of doing things. This would not serve them as the reason for our success and the successful results our partners experience is due to our unique approach, our complete system, and the “meeting of the minds” we have achieved with our partners. Taking outside projects would distract from our purpose and would not serve the best interests of our existing partnerships, and would not be in alignment with our vision and the values of our organization.

Our goal is to take the load off of organizations regarding anything related to technology. We work to earn trust and to be that trusted advisor that will help align technology to meet ongoing business objectives – to take on all responsibility and to  be fully accountable for our role. We keep an eye on the bigger picture and handle any technology challenge – even those that require further outsourcing. The goal is to act as a complete IT Department similar to those found in very large organizations that have the financial resources to hire everyone from the technicians fixing the computers, to the manager of the technicians, to the CIO/CTO that sets in motion new technology implementations, holds everyone accountable, and participates in board meetings, translating technology needs and requirements to the whole executive team in a way that makes it possible to make sound and proper business decisions.