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Looking for a trusted technology advisor and resource for your business?

If you are interested in finding out more about our company for the purpose of becoming your trusted advisor and outsourced IT Provider, then please contact Oliver Pecora | President & CEO at 415-830-6296 ext. 125 for more information. You can also contact him by email at


We look forward to getting to know more about your business and how we might be able to help you create a more predictable result around your IT systems.


If you are a vendor seeking a relationship in regard to a specific product and/or service you are representing?

At SIC CONSULTING, INC. we regularly assess new products** and/or services** that help our client solve real-world problems.

If you have a product and/or service that you believe fits this criteria, then feel free to contact Oliver Pecora | President & CEO at 415-830-6296 ext. 125, and send any information to Oliver at this email address:

** Please note – we only consider products and/or services after careful evaluation and testing. New products and/or services are evaluated on a quarterly basis only. We do not immediately consider, nor evaluate any product and/or service upon contact. Once you have contacted and submitted your product and/or service information and specifications we will queue this information until our next scheduled evaluation period.