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Our Team

When speaking of staff, we refer to our team. It is the entire team that delivers the end-result to our partner, not just the technician who is fixing computer issues all day. Every team member plays an integral role in our ability to deliver our service model – the predictable end result we and are partners are after.

The way we view our team members is that we want them to experience growth after having passed through our company. We understand that people come and go, and while we provide an attractive platform for long-term employment, changes are inevitable.  We know that our team will hear and see different things here than in a lot of other companies they may work for. We want them to have a good experience here when working with people – a team – and it is our intention that by virtue of having worked with us, that they learn what we believe to be valuable life lessons along the way – communication skills, empathy, the thrill of achievement and working together toward a common goal. We care for our team, and they know it. They also know and understand the high expectations placed on them and for them. We want their best and will accept nothing less. Expectations are constantly aligned so there are no surprises.  We want them to experience how it feels to be part of a team that consistently puts forth their best.  These are just some of the lessons we offer those who work with us – through their experiences here – to take to heart on their life’s journey.


We put a lot of value and effort into whom will be on our team and what role they will be filling. Starting at the interview process, we make sure our candidate really wants the job and that they have similar values and will fit into our culture. Secondly, we focus on how they will be able to perform the specific role we are hiring them for. We let them know exactly what is expected of them and test their responses. Another important factor is their willingness to learn and be open to constructive feedback because we will introduce them to, and challenge them to enhance their communication skills, look in the mirror, learn to better work in a team and to display and live our values within the role they are responsible for in our organization.


When a new staff member begins their employment, they go through a specially created training program that starts with getting to know our culture even more, our values and how exactly we deliver our company way. Our training program incorporates audio, video as well as in-person sessions with various staff members in stages. Each stage slowly introduces new concepts in a structured manner with follow-up sessions testing for comprehension of our program. Areas covered include our systems, processes, tools, resources and software we use, as well as philosophies, phone etiquette, communication skills and relevant scenarios. Our technical training program currently spans just over a week with very little access to actual production. We have found this to be a highly effective way to train new staff members and bring them on board most efficiently and so by the time they participate in production they have a really good idea of their role and how it fits into the bigger picture of how we deliver our company way to our partners.