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For more information, you can contact Oliver Pecora | President & CEO at 415-830-6296 ext. 125.

At SIC CONSULTING, INC. we are geared to grow in direct proportion to the establishments of new partnerships. That is why we have invested over recent years into a well thought-out business model after over a decade of being in the business of providing IT services.

What we have found over the years is that there are generally three groups of organizations looking to outsource their technology needs:

  1. Organizations that only call on IT professionals when something is broken or systems are not running very well (often after some major disaster like losing data due to an unforeseen system crash.)
  2. Organizations that just want things to work and understand that like any other area of their business, someone needs to have the responsibility and be accountable to make sure that everything is in good working order. These organizations further understand that this isn’t a job for one person or one skill set. Organizations of this group realize there are a lot of moving pieces in and around IT and that beyond the varying levels of technology professionals, administrative professionals and managing professionals qualified to do the job, there are accompanying tools in the form of software, systems and processes that are just overwhelming and cost-prohibitive to handle themselves.
  3. Organizations looking for a 3rd option where they try to hire an individual internal staff member, or hire a more traditional outsourced IT company where once again they are heavily relying on primarily one person, who is self-managed for the most part. At first glance, this 3rd option appears to be the less expensive alternative, thus the initial attraction. However, organizations quickly notice that between trying to self manage an internal technician or outsourced IT technician, things just do not come together. The problem, similar to running a business as a whole, is that often an organization’s IT needs cannot be met by one person or one skill set alone. Proper leadership, guidance, and strategy is necessary by a team of individuals with the skill set and qualifications to successfully manage each role.

SIC CONSULTING, INC. has consciously chosen to focus on the 2nd group outlined above because this is the group we are most qualified to serve today. This group looks to us to handle every aspect of their IT needs (assessments, maintenance, management, strategy, implementation, communications, etc.). It is with this 2nd group that we know we can really make a difference. It is this group of organizations that we seek long-term partnerships with where over the years we become their trusted advocate in and around anything that is technology based.

If your organization is interested in finding out more about SIC CONSULTING, INC. and would like to get to know us, please feel free to contact us at any time. We would be delighted to get to know you also and explore a potential business relationship.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT UPON OUR FIRST MEETING is an open dialogue about the way you handle technology today and what is working and what is not. At the heart of our first meeting is our intention to offer you a different perspective than you are probably used to hearing. We will show you that there is a different way to manage IT that can yield the kind of results we believe every organization is looking for. It is our goal that upon departure of our first meeting with you, that  we were able to leave you with something of value that will enable you to make the best possible business decision for your particular organization, that may or may not include us. Having achieved this goal makes our meeting with you a success.

For more information, you can contact Oliver Pecora | President & CEO at 415-830-6296 ext. 125.