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Unique Approach

Our approach to technology is unique.

Our Mindset – Our Process – Our Culture


It all starts with a different way of thinking. Being in this industry since 1997, we have come to realize that most problems, frustrations, system down-time and data-loss experienced by organizations today are not really “technology problems”, but rather people, mindset and process problems. It is this realization that opened our mind to seeking out solutions at the root-level. We spend a lot of time looking into the mirror and cross-checking if what we are doing is really helping our partners in the long haul. We teach internally that everything we do must pertain to a bigger picture and have systems in place to help management detect when alignment with our values is off track by any individual team member.


Our attention to process is one of the key elements that make us who we are. It is process that allows us to predictably deliver the kind of end-result we know will serve our partners and their organizational goals – that being a highly predicable computing and network environment that will allow all staff to efficiently perform their roles. Basically, what process does for us is hold tight what we have found works and helps assure that “our company way” as well as the quality of service we are after, can be maintained over time, and by different technicians.  This is an important part to us to be able to maintain a quality standard independent of any single technician because it eliminates risk often felt when there are inevitable staff changes from time to time.

In summary, our processes cover any area where we wish to have a controlled end-result. Processes are not static and must evolve over time. To have good processes they need to be measured and managed over time. New discoveries need to be brought back into old processes, making this a very dynamic process and one that requires the right mindset. This is why our processes are tightly hinged on our way of thinking.


When it comes to our culture at SIC, we speak to a way of being. We often refer to this as an inside-to-outside approach in our desire to create, develop and maintain an environment that allows our team to become stronger collectively. In parallel, we cultivate an environment that challenges each individual team member to grow both personally and professionally.

It is to that effect that we believe in the investment and continuous development of our own materials that help us better align our team and give them a worthwhile vision to live up too – a vision that allows each team member to see themselves as an important and valuable member of our organization. We want each team member that passes through our organization to have experienced something memorable and to have gained value in their personal life’s journey. As part of a fundamental pillar, we commit much time and effort at regular intervals to the development of our entire staff here at SIC. Having found a great need in the area of teamwork, communication, social skills and the ability to set expectations, especially in the profession of technology, where often people hide behind computer screens and sophisticated mobile devices all day long which unfortunately supports the lack of important communication skills that we believe are essential in today’s modern workplace.

To accomplish a successful integration of such a culture, our leadership team must value, desire, and actively pursue their own development throughout the year. There must be evidence that they too have successfully worked with and integrated these concepts into their own lives both personally as well as professionally. Especially at the leadership level, we guide and highly encourage the participation in interesting events and seminars, and to read books and study other materials that keep everyone exposed to new or ongoing information. We believe these actions help us maintain an open mind, as we pursue the goal of keeping up on the latest concepts, philosophies and developments in the area of modern personal and professional growth.

The resulting purpose of all this effort is to reflect outward a positive, willing, helpful and optimistic culture that is collectively and individually capable, invested, focused and interested in the goal of our organization to serve the needs of our partners and bring peace of mind to them so they can better concentrate during their busy and often demanding days.