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Lea Pecora | Accounting & HR






Lea Pecora is a member of SIC Consulting, Inc.’s Leadership Team, and has been with the organization since its inception in 1997.  She has helped build the culture of SIC, being in complete alignment with the importance of collaboration within an organization. She is also currently working in the areas of Accounting and HR, as well as other aspects of Business Administration.

Lea began her role with SIC assisting Oliver Pecora in making his entrepreneurial ideas a reality by utilizing her legal and managerial skills to help create a thriving business.  In alignment with SIC’s growth, Lea set up processes and checklists for efficiency in many areas as needed for the business, i.e. corporate, legal, accounting, HR, internal office procedures, etc.  She was and is involved with the interviewing and hiring of team members and is responsible for HR management.   She oversees many aspects of bookkeeping and accounting and is in charge of business expenditures, receivables, cash flow, tax returns, payroll administration, etc.  She reviews contracts and other legal documents and forms, and assists with writing and editing various business documents and web and marketing materials.  As part of the leadership team, she participates in discussions, decisions, and ideas that impact SIC’s team and culture.

Lea has an extensive legal background  which spans 17 years.  Prior to joining SIC, Lea was employed at a law firm in Fremont, California, beginning  as a part-time File Clerk in her mid-teens, advancing to Legal Assistant, Supervisor, Paralegal and HR Manager by her mid-20’s.  During her years managing the staff at the law firm, Lea custom made checklists and procedures  for each area of law the firm practiced  – Family Law, Probate, and Civil Litigation, to name just a few.  She also was responsible for the successful transition of the firm from a manual calendaring and case management system, to an electronic one, created training materials specific to the firm, and instructed the staff and attorneys on its use.

Lea’s writing skills were mastered at the law firm through drafting and finalizing countless legal correspondence and declarations to the court in support of clients’ positions.  She also enjoys writing creatively, and has been writing poems and stories since she was a child.  She has had select works published, and is currently working on her first book.

Lea’s many years of experience working with clients who were facing  stressful legal situations, as well as her experience managing and working with people day-to-day in both an employee and employer capacity, has helped strengthen the empathy she has for other people.   It has also taught her the value of putting forth the effort into trying to understand different perspectives, as she has learned that without understanding, there can be no connection, and therefore, no progress.

While employed at the law firm full-time, Lea completed undergraduate courses at Chabot and Ohlone Colleges, and earned her Paralegal Certification with highest honors through California State University Hayward (now known as CSU East Bay).

Lea is married to Oliver Pecora, and they have a son and a daughter. She enjoys traveling with her family, and values taking time to have fun with family and friends and just “be”.  Lea enjoys learning and growing, and regularly attends various leadership seminars, workshops, and classes.  She also enjoys writing, reading, and living an active and healthy lifestyle, which includes her favorite physical activity – running.  She has a great appreciation for people, and her compassionate mindset coupled with an innate pull toward excellence is at the heart of how she operates.