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Provides remote and onsite strategic support to our partners. One of the primary roles of the vCIO is to monitor, assess and manage reactive situations from user issues at our partners. Often initiated out of a problem that is lingering or cannot be properly resolved without more time or perhaps even a new technology investment. In this role the vCIO must have mastered the ability to successfully manage expectations to our partners’ computer users, and even more importantly, to our partners’ executive management. Especially when communicating to the executive level, they are just not interested in a technical conversation. Quite frankly they often don’t understand, nor care about details of technology. They just need things to work.

Systems Engineer

Provides remote and onsite support services to our partners. The primary role of the Systems Engineer is to implement new technologies into our partner’s network. This includes but is not limited to the installation, configuration and training of server infrastructures based on specific technologies, including but not limited to Microsoft Exchange, SQL, File, Print, Web, Small Business Servers, VMWare, etc. Tasks further include the installation of new hardware such as Servers, Raid, DAS, SAN, Firewalls, Routers, Switches, Wireless, Backup Systems, UPS Systems, etc.

Network Administrator

Provides 3rd Tier reactive remote and onsite support services to our partners. On the reactive side, the Tier 3 level Network Administrator typically troubleshoots more advanced issues in and around the PC, notebook, servers, network and advanced peripherals. Where this role differs greatly from the Service Desk Technician, the Network Administrator handles issues that the Service Desk Technician escalates due to the issue being outside of their competencies requiring someone with more specific knowledge of the inside workings of the network. The Network Administrator is also the one who performs onsite services when necessary.

Service Desk Technician

Provides 1st and 2nd tier reactive remote-only technical support services to our partners. At the Tier 1 level the Service Desk Technician typically troubleshoots issues in and around the PC, notebook, mobile device and common peripherals. At the Tier 2 level, tasks include network troubleshooting, routers, firewalls and common servers, such as Exchange, SQL, File, Terminal, etc. He or she should have a solid understanding of all commonly used operating systems as well as typical applications like Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, Acrobat, Flash, etc.

Central Services Technician

Provides remote-only proactive support services to maintain the integrity of all PC’s and servers. The tasks of the Central Services Technician includes, but is not limited to, maintaining all tools such as virus, spyware, spam, backup, patch management, and remote access tools used by all technicians, etc., and confirming all are in working order. This position is also responsible for monitoring and setting in motion corrective action through an escalation process.

Oliver Pecora | Chief Executive Officer

Oliver C. Pecora is the President and CEO of SIC Consulting, Inc. Oliver founded SIC Consulting in the United States in 1997. The   company is now in a mature state. SIC Consulting, Inc. has been transformed into an IT model committed to providing all functions of a complete IT Department to organizations that would normally not have access to the proper resources or the  organizational and logical structures to properly fill all roles required to experience predictable results in Information Technology.

Christopher Kaus | Quality Control Officer

Christopher Kaus is the Quality Control Officer for SIC Consulting, Inc. and has been contracting with the company since 2007. Having a strong background in building Quality Management Systems for worldwide organizations for 20 years and in the early stages of his career having been heavily involved in technology decisions for his own company, Christopher [Learn More…]

Lea Pecora | Accounting & HR

Lea Pecora is a member of SIC Consulting, Inc.’s Leadership Team, and has been with the organization since its inception in 1997. She has helped build the culture of SIC, being in complete alignment with the importance of collaboration within an organization. She is also currently working in the areas of Accounting and HR, as well as other aspects of Business Administration.

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