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Oliver Pecora | Chief Executive Officer

Oliver Pecora CEO





Oliver C. Pecora is the President and CEO of SIC Consulting, Inc. Oliver founded SIC Consulting in the United States in 1997. The company is now in a mature state. SIC Consulting, Inc. has been transformed into an IT model committed to providing all functions of a complete IT Department to organizations that would normally not have access to the proper resources or the organizational and logical structures to properly fill all roles required to experience predictable results in Information Technology.

Oliver’s focus is to lead SIC’s team as they work together as a whole to provide service to our clients within a tightly integrated quality management system. He has built a culture that embraces and practices our philosophy: “It is the team that delivers the value, not the individual”. SIC’s focus is on developing true partnerships with clients, and providing a full scope of services, ranging from the technician to the CIO, using a managed and structured approach to running a modern IT Department within organizations.

Oliver C. Pecora was born in Frankfurt, Germany. In the early 1990’s he co-founded SIC Consulting in Frankfurt, Germany ( SIC-Germany specializes in providing strategic consulting services such as Quality Management (ISO 9000), Environmental Management and Business Management. SIC Germany is still in operation today and continues to provide strategic guidance to organizations seeking certification of ISO Quality Management Systems. Co-founder, Dr. Christopher Kaus, continues to oversee areas of SIC’s system today, bringing in new angles of an ever-expanding quality management system.

1994 – Germany

Making a strategic business move, Oliver moved from Germany to California in 1997, and formed SIC CONSULTING CO. which was incorporated in 2001. The goal when forming SIC CONSULTING, INC. was to provide IT Services in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Through Oliver’s leadership and vision, SIC CONSULTING, INC. has been systematically transformed from a “break/fix” IT Provider, most commonly found in the industry, into an Outsourced IT Provider that operates through a unique and solely proactive approach.

Oliver is bilingual in English and German. His advanced education includes completion of a Tool and Die Apprenticeship in Southern Germany, and shortly thereafter, he earned his Mechanical Engineering degree, also in Germany.

In addition to his business accomplishments, Oliver has published his first book entitled “Up A Notch” . He wrote this book to share his experiences and challenges as an entrepreneur. Having learned so much over the last 20 years through his successes and failures in multiple business ventures, partnerships, and customer and employee relationships, he is inspired to help others learn from his experiences.

In fact it is from this philosophy that Oliver developed the vision of another project that revolves around helping the business community with common Information Technology challenges from the perspective of the business owner or manager. The goal of the portal (still in development) is aimed to help business owners or managers better bridge the gap of understanding technology to the point where it directly relates to their business objectives. By being able to better align technology with business objectives, they are able to have much better control over IT and are able to predict and achieve a desired end-result for their businesses. The goal of the portal is to provide information to better enable business owners and managers to properly set expectations in-and-around the area of IT, and to manage and measure the process in order to hold technical people accountable to their roles.Oliver is married to Lea Pecora and has a son and a daughter, who he enjoys spending time with. He also enjoys aviation and is a licensed private pilot. His latest interest is in remote control aircrafts and FPV flying. He enjoys being out in nature, traveling with his family, doing, and living. Oliver has a natural curiosity for life, a sense of purpose, and a focused passion in all of his pursuits.