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Systems Engineer

Systems Engineer

Provides remote and onsite support services to our partners. The primary role of the Systems Engineer is to implement new technologies into our partner’s network. This includes but is not limited to the installation, configuration and training of server infrastructures based on specific technologies, including but not limited to Microsoft Exchange, SQL, File, Print, Web, Small Business Servers, VMWare, etc. Tasks further include the installation of new hardware such as Servers, Raid, DAS, SAN, Firewalls, Routers, Switches, Wireless, Backup Systems, UPS Systems, etc.

The secondary role the Systems Engineer plays is in other advanced remote and on-site troubleshooting that can sometimes be in parallel to the role of the Network Administrator.  The Systems Engineer would have other advanced skills where more specific knowledge of products may be required. To perform this role properly, the candidate for this role must have a deep understanding of all commonly used operating systems as well as a deep understanding of all applications like Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, Acrobat, Flash, etc. The candidate for this position must have their own means of transportation and be in a position to drive to a partner’s location within the greater bay area. He or she must be both presentable and able to clearly communicate as well as manage expectations between their team members and our partners’ computer users. The ability to successfully manage expectations in this position is one of the most important assets the Systems Engineer can learn and possess. A Systems Engineer with these abilities will always satisfy the needs and concerns of the computer user facing a technical challenge. Studies have shown that the satisfaction of a computer user is more dependent upon them knowing that someone is working on the problem, where they are in the process and their action plan, rather than just coming in solving the issue at hand and then disappearing.

Absolute requirements include:

• 5+ years minimum Systems Engineer/Network Administrator experience
• A positive attitude and pleasant personality
• Willingness and interest to learn our process and how we do things
• Has a calm and helpful presence while supporting customers via phone or in person
• Enjoys working with people; is patient, flexible, professional and presentable at all times
• Driven, self-motivated, responsible, excellent multitasking abilities and organizational skills
• Serves each client courteously and professionally as defined in a specific role within our system
• Possesses excellent and efficient problem solving and communication skills
• Ability to work independently within the context of a well-defined system and team
• Able to receive constructive feedback from our team or clients without taking offense, with the mindset that feedback is not a criticism, but an opportunity for growth
• Advanced knowledge and experience with:
. • common server operating systems such as Microsoft Windows / Small Business Server (SBS)
. • common desktop operating systems such as Windows XP/Vista/7
. • Virtualization technologies (VMWare)
. • Microsoft Exchange Server
. • setting up and configuring common gear such as Firewalls, Routers, Switches, Access Points, etc.
. • common server applications such as SQL, Small Business Server, SharePoint, etc.

Primary Tasks:

• Documenting work in detail in our CRM based ticketing system
• Work effectively with other team members, work through and solve problems, escalations, etc.
• Provide advanced technical support (Remote & Onsite) service requests related to common desktop/server/network issues for clients.
• Constructive troubleshooting and assessment of technical issues at hand as well as the ability to resolve efficiently.
• Create/modify user accounts in Active Directory, Exchange email boxes, 3rd Party Spam, etc.
• PC’s/Notebooks: Installation, configuration and maintenance of common operating systems and applications such as Windows XP/Vista/7, Microsoft Office, Adobe, etc.
• Servers: Installation, configuration and maintenance of common operating systems and applications such as Windows Server 2003-2008, Small Business Server, Exchange, Sharepoint, SQL, VMWare, etc.
• Peripherals: Installation, configuration and maintenance of Printers, Scanners, Blackberry’s, PDA’s, etc.)
• Other Devices: Installation, configuration and maintenance of Firewalls, Routers, Switches, Access Points, etc.
• Create/maintain manuals, procedures, topology maps and other related administrative work
• Assist in the strategic planning process of new technologies to be implemented
• Other miscellaneous tasks

There is tremendous opportunity for advancement and education within our company, depending on an individual’s motivation and advancement of skill level. Our positions are designed to allow a motivated individual to progress to higher roles as they gain experience and obtain more skills and education. All candidates for these positions will have the opportunity to enhance their skills through an internal training program as well as a lot of hands-on experience with many common tools used in the industry. Because much of what we do is of collaborative nature – meaning the embracing of the philosophy that “the team delivers the result to our partners, not the individual” – the roles also place a value on enhancing one’s communication skills with other team members and the end-users. Candidates that successfully embrace and master many of these skills are eligible to higher positions as these positions become available.

To apply for these positions, please contact us for current employment opportunities or send an email with your resume, along with a cover letter describing what specifically interests you about a specific position, and indicate why you feel you are the best candidate, including what value you can bring to our team. Please submit your resume’s to