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Provides remote and onsite strategic support to our partners. One of the primary roles of the vCIO is to monitor, assess and manage reactive situations from user issues at our partners. Often initiated out of a problem that is lingering or cannot be properly resolved without more time or perhaps even a new technology investment. In this role the vCIO must have mastered the ability to successfully manage expectations to our partners’ computer users, and even more importantly, to our partners’ executive management. Especially when communicating to the executive level, they are just not interested in a technical conversation. Quite frankly they often don’t understand, nor care about details of technology. They just need things to work.

In order to be successful in the role of the vCIO you must be able to translate technology to how it applies and/or supports in meeting specific business objectives, otherwise you will not be in the position to solve the real problems and empower our partners’ executive management with the proper information regarding their technology to make the right business decision quickly. This also requires a deep understanding of specific products and solutions that have become part of our offerings,  and the reason why they have become part of our offering.

In summary, to fulfill one of the primary roles, the vCIO must be able to successfully engage in problems experienced between our partners’ technology and user and act as a liaison that guides and assists our technical team to resolution in a quick and efficient manner.

Other primary responsibilities are on the proactive side of our business model. In a sense the most important part because it measurably reduces the reactive nature that causes many unnecessary service disruptions to our partners’ computer users and the “chaos” most often found in the more traditional computer services business – both which are not only undesirable but completely unacceptable to us. In this role the vCIO must monitor and oversee a partner’s network and individual systems through predefined routinely scheduled processes by auditing all service areas including that of a detailed GAP analysis. The vCIO must also set in motion corrective action as well as take responsibility for those actions by engaging the right technical resources and by working together with the Client Service Coordinator for proper scheduling.

The secondary role of the vCIO is to prepare strategic, business and technical status reporting to our partners’ executive management team on a quarterly basis. This includes both remote conferences as well as personal onsite visits, setting up proposals, presenting solutions, planning, product and solution research, detailed documentations and other related work.

The successful candidate must have an advanced knowledge of the technical process, advanced technical troubleshooting as well as a deep understanding of all commonly used software and hardware solutions, and be able to successfully delegate technical tasks back to the technical staff.  The best candidate  must also possess good leadership and managerial skills and a sincere interest in helping each individual team member grow in their abilities, both technical and non-technical.

Absolute requirements include:

• A great attitude and pleasant personality

• Willingness and interest to learn our process and how we do things

• Has a calm and helpful presence while supporting customers via phone

• Enjoys working with people; is patient, flexible, professional and presentable at all times

• Driven, self-motivated, responsible, excellent multitasking abilities and organizational skills

• Serves each client courteously and professionally as defined in a specific role within our system

• Documents work in detail in our CRM based ticketing system

There is tremendous opportunity for advancement and education within our company, depending on an individual’s motivation and advancement of skill level. Our positions are designed to allow a motivated individual to progress to higher roles as they gain experience and obtain more skills and education. All candidates for these positions will have the opportunity to enhance their skills through an internal training program as well as a lot of hands-on experience with many common tools used in the industry. Because much of what we do is of collaborative nature – meaning the embracing of the philosophy that “the team delivers the result to our partners, not the individual” – the roles also place a value on enhancing one’s communication skills with other team members and the end-users. Candidates that successfully embrace and master many of these skills are eligible to higher positions as these positions become available.

To apply for these positions, please contact us for current employment opportunities or send an email with your resume, along with a cover letter describing what specifically interests you about a specific position, and indicate why you feel you are the best candidate, including what value you can bring to our team. Please submit your resume’s to